Wednesday, December 14, 2005


flesh. Electricity

transudes through a

Sun-bordered clouds migrate from
your eyes to my core:

swooshing of curtains, temples
like drums.

Hypnotic pulsations mark lines
between dreams

and life, as
time contracts in us.

And with the last loud blink
of a light bulb,

shadows withdraw,
and kaleidoscopes convulse.

Copyright © 2005 Anna Piutti


Wednesday, November 23, 2005


High above the roofs,
the frost-lacquered
crane branch
holds a
plump, radiant

Hungry for warmth,
I grasp the vital
sphere and
slice it
into thick

A paper towel on my lap, I
sink my teeth
into the morning glow:


Sweetly sour.

Copyright © 2005 Anna Piutti


Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Old trains and rain,
iron and pebbles...
I sink.

Optimism stepped upon
by nameless passers-by:

a deep breath and a swoon.

Neon lights feel cold
on my skin;
time rolls away from
the tracks, and

I see drops

of tonight on my specs,
scratched mirrors,
the window glass.

Copyright © 2005 Anna Piutti


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Platform 3

I ran my fingers across dry skin and
heavy lids;
my stare caressed a clock obsessing
over sunsets.

I swallowed dreams
and vivid hopes;
I cursed,
their lingering aftertaste.

And alone I stood on
grainy asphalt,
not too far from the
yellow life line,

waiting for the next train.

Copyright © 2005 Anna Piutti

French version

Monday, January 10, 2005

Oneiric 1 (The Moon Lantern)

Its paper skin, so tense and fragile,
holds the sublime power of unnatural

The cold light from its
miniature heart whispers ultrasound

Round, it hangs from a
shelf, in still loneliness.

A moon lantern in the dark:

nothing but a half-sleep snapshot
in vivid haziness, a subliminal
message from dormant


A smooth and ghastly sphere,
it reigns through inexpressive eyes.
It smiles a red crayon line, in
paralyzed reassurance.

At once,
it cradles me
in incense-flavored

It's inanimate flattery through
my permeable brain;
and it keeps me enslaved,
and void-bound.

It's a countdown to innocence
as time rewinds its tape;

and a purple wave envelops me...

And I don't mind.

Copyright © 2005 Anna Piutti