Sunday, February 01, 2009


Layer after layer,
gloom gurgles through
weary senses.
It spreads like oil, and binds to
every atom

to infect,
to obscure.

I find myself second-guessing
the obvious, retracing my steps
a thousand times, lest syntax
betray me.

And I struggle to broadcast
vital signs through this static;

and I pray
that my truth won’t be too maimed
when it reaches you.

Copyright ©2009 Anna Piutti
Published in DY Magazine on June 1, 2010.


P.D. Gourlais said...

I hear your truth loud and clear as I have caught your words in my butterfly net. :)

Thank you for the journey through these layers and beyond the "noise".

Gorgeous and perfect!


Anna Piutti said...

Thank you so much for your comment and appreciation.

terttius said...

Interesting piece. It speaks of the need for communication while also revelaing a fear of being misunderstood in the midst of all your doubt and uncertainty. Something we can all relate to, that's for sure.

Thank you for sharing your work, you're a talented poet.

love always,

Anna Piutti said...

Tertius -- thank you for taking time to read my blog, and for your feedback.

P.D. Gourlais said...

I am here again for, I think it is, the four time, to read again. :)

I love this combination of lines:

"retracing my steps /
a thousand times, lest syntax /
betrays me."

I ponder combing things, and habit, and ritual, and "lest syntax / betrays me" is adds very powerful punch to the stanza! ;)

Grazie Anna.

Anna Piutti said...

Grazie a te!

fragmented said...

beautiful, beautiful piece anna! the end knocks me out

rdl said...

I like this one alot. will be back to read more.

Anna Piutti said...

Thank you, fragmented and rdl.

Charles said...

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read this poem, so often that I know that each reading makes me want to read it again. It’s lovely.


Anna Piutti said...

Thank you, Charles, for taking time to read my poem. I truly appreciate your feedback! :)

xan man said...

Oh, tears in place of noise. I've fallen for your words. They just sounds so right.