Monday, May 17, 2010


Let me stay --

your tide is yet to shrink.

I left the dazzled noon ashore
to count her iridescent wounds.

I plunged, I slipped
below the rippling drapes,
where contours drown

Amniotic blue, my
lungs are brimming;
flooded chasms,
nacreous nests of
padded rolling.

Let me stay --

your tide is yet to shrink.

I'll let your undulation shape me,
and we'll stir the edge of sleep.

Copyright ©2010 Anna Piutti


Charles said...


Your glorious celebration of words have left me breathless.

This is lovely.

Tanya Cunningham said...

Your words are refreshing...

Anna Piutti said...

Thank you both!

P.D. Gourlais said...

This one has a musical quality to it the more I read it. I love the rhythm. Now, if only we could hear you read this piece, how lucky would we be? :) xo p.d.g.

Bencze Attila said...

This is poet for Hungary. I am translate

Anna Piutti said...

Thank you.

tiziana giangrande said...

...bella ed emozionante

Anna Piutti said...